Merak & Sakten Trek Yeti Trail (Group Journey) Oct 21 to Nov 07, 2014

02 September 2014
Merak & Sakten Trek Yeti Trail (Group Journey) Oct 21 to Nov 07, 2014 Anand Thapa
Merak Women
Merak Women

Till date we have 3 members enlisted for this trip. With the maximum strength of 9 people, which still leave room for 6 more to join.
This trip actually provides a chance to see best of both regions – west and east Bhutan. West juxtapose with modernisation and tradition & culture. You can see the blend of traditions and culture in harmony with modernisation and east with its quaint charms.
And also the trip is aligned with the colourful festival (Jakar Festival, Bumthang) providing glimpses of thriving tradition and highlighting the cultural essence of the trip. The trip incorporates the world of wilderness in natural state in trek and vibrant culture and tradition.
Outline Itinerary of the trip
Tue Oct. 21, 14 : Arrive Guwahati-S/Jongkhar
Wed Oct. 22, 14 : Samdrup Jongkhar-Tashigang
Thu Oct. 23, 14 : In Trashigang (Day excursion to Tashi Yangtse)
Fri Oct. 24, 14 : Start trek to Donmong Chu
Sat Oct. 25, 14 : Donmong Chu-Merak
Sun Oct. 26, 14 : Merak-Mitsateng
Mon Oct. 27, 14 : Mitsateng-Sakten
Tue Oct. 28, 14 : Sakten Exploration
Wed Oct. 29, 14 : Sakten-Joenkhar teng
Thu Oct. 30, 14 : Joenkhar teng (Trek ends)
Fri Oct. 31, 14 : Mongar- Jakar, Bumthang
Sat Nov. 01, 14 : In Bumthang
Sun Nov. 02, 14 : Bumthang – Trongsa – Punakha
Mon Nov. 03, 14 : Punakha-Thimphu
Tue Nov. 04, 14 : Thimphu – Paro
Wed Nov. 05, 14 : In Paro
Thu Nov. 06, 14 : In Paro(Taktshang Hike)
Fri Nov. 07, 14 : Departure
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Video of the trip:

Merak Village
Merak Village

After the success of our maiden trip to the region last year, this is second time we are organising this trek. Our CEO partook on that trip; the temptation was so intense of exotic community and the wilderness of far-eastern Bhutan of Merak and Sakten that beckons alluringly got better of our CEO, Ugen Tshering.
Eastern region of Bhutan was recently opened to tourism and as a new hot spot destination has created quite a buzz in tourism arena. These region are least explored, and with an air of quaint tranquility and rare rural experience with cultural uniqueness of community.
And one element that separate the Merak & Sakten Trek from others is – it’s one of the few trek with the community development based sustainable tourism which serves, seek and strive to incorporate social and environmental criteria while contributing, in particular, to local and regional sustainable development;

Our Guests watching Sakten Cultural Show
Our Guests watching Sakten Cultural Show

The history of these nomadic enclaves of Merak and Sakten speak volume for itself as it survived unchanged to this day and form rich part of Bhutan cultural and ethnic diversity. This region has practically remained isolated from civilization for more than 35 years. Until now only a handful of researchers and tourists have been granted permission to enter this area. Merak and Sakten has been closed to protect the unique cultural heritage of the Brokpa people and in part to give the mythical Yeti some peace, whose tales of wandering in the valley is very popular among the locals.

Sakten people watching bank opening ceremony
Sakten people watching bank opening ceremony

What the past guests has to say
“One of the guests (name withheld) said “˜I was glad to see you in Bhutan. What I appreciate about your agency is your ability to listen to the desires of the client and be willing to meet those desires. You are not a “cookie cutter” agency that forces clients into the pre-made packages! The trip was more than I anticipated. And series of events and sceneries that unfolded was simply breathtaking. May you have continued success. And if there are potential clients who would like to speak to a former client, i would be happy to oblige”.

Guests interactive session with students
Guests interactive session with students