Snowman Trek Join-In (Seats Available)

11 April 2016
Snowman Trek  Join-In (Seats Available) Laxman

Even to the legions of seasoned trekkers, the very word Snowman Trek evoke a sense of trepidation bordering with the respect. To a few,they choose to put Snowman trek in the extraordinary league as with EBC, Aconcagua, Denali, Elbrus. Snowman trek exposes you into the perpetual expanses of alpine wilderness at the world’s most remote region of Lunana and traversing many high passes above 5000 m threw greater challenges than its technical level gradation unlike others. However challenges don’t solely rest upon travellers only but also to the travel operator to put together all its bits and pieces into a successful campaign, as such – the local porters are found mainly engrossed in collecting lucrative Cordycep – caterpillar fungus. As also window to explore the region is open only for 2 months in a year (Mid Sept to first week of Nov).

Snowman Trek (Bhutan) Join-In (Seats Available)
At Rinchen Zoe La pass (5320m) (Lunana Gewog)

Wind Horse tour has organised this iconic trek successfully for last 4 years on the trot and this year we find 3 more guests drawn to this trek. One is a Australian lady and other 2 from Switzerland. Below is relevant itinerary followed by 2 Swiss guests and joined by Australian lady in Laya.
Tue Sep 20 2016 – Arrive in Paro
Wed Sep 21 2016 – In Paro – B/L/D
Thu Sep 22 2016 – In Paro – B/L/D
Fri Sep 23 2016 – Begin trek to Thongdu Zam – B/L/D
Sat Sep 24 2016 – Trek to Thangthakha – B/L/D
Sun Sep 25 2016 – Trek to Jangothang – B/L/D
Mon Sep 26 2016 – Jangothang (halt) – B/L/D
Tue Sep 27 2016 – Trek to Lingshi – B/L/D
Wed Sep 28 2016 – rek to Chebisa – B/L/D
Thu Sep 29 2016 – Trek to Shomuthang – B/L/D
Fri Sep 30 2016 – Trek to Robluthang – B/L/D
Sat Oct 01 2016 – Trek to Lemithang – B/L/D
Sun Oct 02 2016 – Trek to Laya – B/L/D
Mon Oct 03 2016 – In Laya – B/L/D
Tue Oct 04 2016 – Laya-Rodophu – B/L/D
Wed Oct 05 2016- Rodophu-Narethang – B/L/D
Thu Oct 06 2016 – Narethang- Tarina – B/L/D
Fri Oct 07 2016 – Tarina-Woche – B/L/D
Sat Oct 08 2016 – Woche-Lhedi – B/L/D
Sun Oct 09 2016 – Lhedi-Thanza – B/L/D
Mon Oct 10 2016 – Thanza(halt) – B/L/D
Tue Oct 11 2016 – Thanza-Tsorim – B/L/D
Wed Oct 12 2016 – Tsorim-Gangkhar Phuensum Base Camp – B/L/D
Thu Oct 13 2016 – Rest & Explore Gangkha Phuensum – B/L/D
Fri Oct 14 2016 – Trek to Geshe Woma – B/L/D
Sat Oct 15 2016 – Geshe Woma-Warathang – B/L/D
Sun Oct 16 2016 – Warathang-Dur Tshachu – B/L/D
Mon Oct 17 2016 – Dur Tshachu (halt) – B/L/D
Tue Oct 18 2016 – Dur Tshachu-Tshochenchen – B/L/D
Wed Oct 19 2016 – Tshochenchen-Gorsum – B/L/D
Thu Oct 20 2016 – Gorsum-Bumthang (trek end) – B/L/D
Fri Oct 21, 2016 from here you can follow your own customised itinerary.

Snowman Trek (Bhutan) Join-In (Seats Available)
In snow nearing to Gangla Karchungla pass (5120m). — at Lunana Gewog.

Australian lady did the Jhomalari Trek ( Paro – Laya – Gasa ) last year with us .In the same vein, especially for those who have already done Jhomolari Trek in past can follow the trekking portion by starting from Punakha with Australia lady ( Sept 29, 2016) and join the swiss couple in Laya in Oct 02, 2016. Alternatively, you can also choose to follow the trek from Paro itself (Full Snowman Trek circuit) with the Swiss couple (Sept 23, 2016).
Keeping the arrival date open, however ideally at least 3 to 4 days of prior arrival is advised from acclimatisation perspective. In that time, you can explore some of the prominent cultural attractions and sights. Once the trek end in Bumthang (Oct 20, 2016). You can opt to visit rest of places of interest or take a domestic flight to Paro and departure.
Summing up above, keeping the prescribed trek itinerary same, we can customised and maneuvers the cultural portion based to your interest and liking.
Bhutan is quite expensive destination to visit and Snowman Trek in particular entails longer stay in Bhutan. This join-in trip aims to make it less taxing to your wallet and also devised in a way that total members count don’t exceed ideal 6 numbers. More often than not, it is seen that it brings forth an element of camaraderie and fun quotient into play, justifying the old adage “The more, the merrier”
For the above trip – Total number – 6, Booked 3, available – 3
For the record, we also have independent Snowman Trek Group departure please write to us for details at
All photos courtesy Olga & Krill and it was taken in Sept/Oct trip 2014.